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At Delos Reyes, revelers can chill or enjoy adventure with a genuine community of like-minded seekers. All wanderers are welcome to come play in the easy, laid back vibe of this desert oasis – an honest, hip and humble hotel experience.

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Delos Reyes Rooms

Our Rooms

Designed with relaxation in mind, our rooms are rich with texture, color, and whimsy. Our rooms express a low-key vibe that’s guaranteed to put you at ease and in a vacation state of mind.

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Delos Reyes Amenities


What else is better in the hot desert heat than a pool? Hot tub? Yes, we have it all!

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Palm Springs Activities


Palm Springs is full of natural beauty and off-beat artistic locations. For the nature lovers, numerous parks and trails are easily accessible. For the city-slickers, restaurants and bars rule the day.

P.S. Adventure Awaits!

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come party Delos Reyes Events

With something new going on every week, our guests enjoy pool parties, classes, hosted dinners, parades, movie nights and more. With a huge green space, pool, and pool-side bar, we have incredible spaces to host fun and engaging events.

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